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Meet Hattie Austin

A short blog introducing myself to you!


Meet Hattie Austin - a young and aspiring photographer. Hattie has grown up in the picturesque county of Oxfordshire with her family. Hattie has not only been lucky enough to grow up in the Chilterns but also in a mad sporting family. She has been fortunate enough to attend shoot days with her father and older brother over the years. She often takes charge of her two black labradors, Bix and Brompton. Hattie has always loved being outside and she can recall being fascinated by the Gundogs when she was younger! They were so well behaved compared to her mischievous Labrador at the time - Benson!

More recently Hattie has been introduced to Hunting to Hounds by a good friend. Since the season started in September she has taken every opportunity to follow the Kimblewick Hounds on foot with her camera. Hattie is a keen horsewomen and has been riding since the age of seven. Although she does not own a horse she does have two Shetland ponies - Little Legs and Charles. Due to being at university Hattie does not have time for a horse of her own at the moment, however she enjoys 'borrowing' other peoples for the mean time.

Hattie has always had a creative eye. She took Photography and Art for A Levels. In terms of her photography, Hattie is on a mission, looking to give herself new opportunities in the photography industry. She is currently building up a portfolio of imagery, exploring the different ways of using her camera to build connections with interesting people in the Equine and Field Sports industry.

Hattie has had some of her photos published in Hounds Magazine, and featured on the Fieldsports Journal, Schoffel and the Countryside Alliance's social media. She looks forward to what the future holds!

Now 19 years old, Hattie is at Newcastle University studying a Marketing and Business Degree. She is loving her degree, hoping to use what she is learning in her photography business.


Hattie Austin Sport Photographer
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