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About me...

Growing up in the beautiful county of Oxfordshire, Hattie has always been surrounded by the natural and picturesque scenery Oxfordshire has to offer. Hattie has grown up not only in the Chilterns but also in a mad sporting family.

Hattie in her own words;

I am 20 years old and currently studying marketing at Newcastle University. In June 2020, during the Lockdown, I founded my photography business. I decided to give myself a challenge and learn something new... what could go wrong hey? But I've been completely immersed in it and haven't looked back...


I’ve been photographing since my Upper Sixth year at school. Although I did photography and art as A-levels, pretty much the entire field sports and horseracing concept was new to me... I have been photographing "professionally" (is that the right term to use???) since December 2020. Until then, everything I did was essentially learning how to take photos effectively and how to run a business. Although hunting was new to me last season, I have always enjoyed the countryside and everything it offers, so my love of photography began. I was blessed to meet some admirable people in the hunting, shooting and racing communities who have shown me the ropes been all too accommodating.


Over the past 12 month, I have worked on some very exciting projects. I have worked with various companies such as Outfit International doing there brand shoot in North Yorkshire for Harkila. For the Countryside Alliance, providing them images to use for up and coming events/fundraisers, most recently attending The Countryside Day at Cheltenham Racecourse. I covered The Cheltenham Festival for Focus on Racing, an image agency proving images for publishers. I worked at Royal Ascot in the summer and the QIPCO Champions Days in October for Ascot Racecourse. I also provide the PPORA with images from Point to Points across the country, creating content for their socials and website.

My photographs have also been featured The Field, The Shooting Times, The Telegraph (Stella Magazine), ITV Racing, Sky and more.


In terms of her photography, Hattie is on a mission, looking to give herself new opportunities in the photography industry. She is currently building up a portfolio of imagery, and learning about the different ways in which she can use her camera to build connections with interesting people in different who are involved with various Field Sports.

Photography has always been a passion for Hattie and is something that she hopes to continue with through University and later on in life. Hattie studies Marketing and Business at Newcastle University. She aims to build up her photography business from what she learns/learnt at University. Hattie is working hard to get her name out there, specifically in the Sport Photography industry with a keen focus on Horseracing.

Most recently Hattie has sponsored a Point to Point Jockey, Flora Guy who rides Venetia William's Tango de Juilley. She will work with Flora and aid her where she can during the season.

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