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Growing up amidst the enchanting landscapes of Oxfordshire, Hattie's life has been shaped by the natural beauty that the county boasts. Nestled in the Chilterns and hailing from a fervently sports-oriented family, she found herself captivated by the allure of her surroundings.

In her own words, Hattie recounts the genesis of her journey: "In June 2020, amid the throes of lockdown, I ventured into the realm of sports photography, setting up my own business. It was a self-imposed challenge, a foray into uncharted territory. Yet, immersed in this pursuit, I've never looked back.

Her work has transcended boundaries, being featured in prominent publications like The Field, The Shooting Times, The Telegraph (Stella Magazine), ITV Racing, Sky, and more. Hattie's influence on the world of sports media continues to grow, with her images becoming integral to the visual narrative of various sporting events and publications.

Hattie Austin Sport Photographer
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