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'Get to know the Huntsman' - Daniel Cherriman

Danniel Cherriman, Huntsman of the Pytchley

Today I spoke to Daniel Cherriman, Huntsman of the Pytchley with Woodland Hunt. Again due to lockdown I was unable to visit Daniel, however I hope to go to the kennels as soon as the government allows us to move around again!

So, six questions and six excellent answers to brighten up everyones day! Last one is my favourite!

Have you always hunted? What is your earliest hunting memory? - 'I wouldn’t say I’ve always hunted, although I’ve certainly always ridden. I grew up on a farm on the Surrey/West Sussex border. Field sports were very much to the fore and I spent a lot of time ferreting, shooting and riding with various members of my family. We would hunt a couple of times a season on our ponies with the Chiddingfold & Leconfield or the Surrey Union when they were local.'

What is the most extravagant hound name you've worked with and who was she/he named by? - 'I have known a few, shall we say, unusual hound names. Eminem and Saddam were probably the most outlandish that come to mind. Both were named by, my old boss, Peter Collins who had a great sense of humour.'

Have you ever had a particularly naughty horse? If so what made them naughty? - 'The most naughty horse that I have hunted regularly was probably a little chestnut horse, I used to whip-in on, called ‘Ginger’. He used to hate the quad bike and would bolt if it came towards him, it wasn’t very keen on hounds either so was sold on for a more suitable job. '

Can you recall your best day out? - 'The best Day I’ve ever had is a very difficult one - there have been so many! In nearly 20 years Hunt service I have a tank full of happy memories. The best day I’ve had hunting hounds would probably be a close call between two Wednesdays, one at Sibbertoft and one at Swinford. Both were epic days following the Pytchley Hounds with non stop action!'

What advice would you give to the next generation of keen hunters? -'Learn as much as you can, get to know what’s going on at each stage of the day, help out at every opportunity and enjoy every day to the full.'

And lastly, What has been your most embarrassing moment out on the hunting field? - 'The most embarrassing incident that happened to me was as a young whipper-in. I was on foot at the time and there were two pretty girls out, I needed to get into a wood quickly and there was a low wire fence around it. I ran across and jumped it, thinking how impressive I looked but I hooked a toe and tipped head first into the ditch full of brambles. They found it very funny. One of them is now my wife - so I guess it worked out in the end.'

All hounds on with their huntsman.

Thank you very much to Daniel. I wish you all the best for 2021 and your new venture!


Hattie Austin Sport Photographer
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