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'Hattie is such a talented photographer, she has taken some incredible action shots over the past few months.'

'The prints arrived beautifully packaged with so much attention to detail - I'm thrilled' - Rosie Bailey

'Hattie has an eye for detail and a flair which lends to an insightful perspective of a day's hunting' - Matt Ramesden, Beaufort Huntsman



Statements Without Words...

With a skill for snapping the unexpected, this young photographer creates memories out of moments, creating a story with her work. Known for her ability to capture uniquely original moments, Hattie Austin can create the perfect picture for you.. 

Hattie has worked hard since she founded her business in September 2020 to build a strong portfolio. Below are some examples of some of her work, from Point to Point to hunting with the Beaufort. More of her work can be found throughout her website. 

Please note, all Hunt Staff, Gamekeepers, Beaters, and Jockey's are entitled to 25% off all orders. Please email me to get your discount code.

'Believe you can and you're half way there' - Theodore Roosevelt

Statements Without Words

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